Domestic staff agency

We are a domestic service agency especialised in Philippine maids. 

Our goal is to help you choose the person who best suits your needs.

We do a pre-selection process of all the candidates based on what you want. This way you can then choose the best that meets your needs. 


House Maids

We have a selection of vetted and trained candidates with long experience. Most of them are Philippine, which has the advantage of using English as their second language.


Have you ever thought of having an English speaking persons taking care of your children while you are not at home?

Elderly care

We find a person that you can trust to take care of the most vulnerable people in your family,


If you are look for a stay-in couple who helps you with daily house work and the maintenance of your estate or house, we find it for you without hassle.

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Do you need help with the care of your children?

Do you need help with house work?

Need care and support for the elderly in your family?

Do you want to have a date with your spouse and be sure that your children are going to be well taken care of?

In our domestic service agency we have a solution for you. 

Domestic Help

The first thing we do after we talk to you is we find some suitable candidates for your criteria. 

We arrange the interview with the pre-selected candidaes and once you find the one you like the most, we take care of the paper work (contracts, social insurance, etc). 

We guarantee tracking of all the contracts you sign with the workers. 


Why us?

Time saving

We take care of all the paper work.

Preselection of candidates

We carry out a preselection of all the candidates so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Replacement warranty

We offer a replacement warranty of 1 year with 2 possible replacements in the event you need one.

You just relax

We take care of all the paper work, not just the recruiting.

What our clients say

I got in touch with Domestic Help because we needed to hire a stay at home person in our hose. On the first call with them I realised this was the agency we needed to rely on. We weren't wrong, we are delighted. Thank you!
Mercedes López
In my case the most important thing was to find someone who would facilitate all the paper work when hiring a stay-in at home house maid. Domestic Help takes care of all the paperwork you need to do and for me it was a great relief as I live far away from where the agency is located. You stop worrying completely, Eva is a great professional that gets instantly the needs of her clients.
Be sure to hire Domestic Help. They completely understand and have empathy for their clients. We didn't have a single issue and is all convenient. Thank you to the team.
Carlos Alcolea

¿Do you want to work for us?

If you are interested in finding work in domestic service, be sure to get in touch and send us your CV. 


Our motivation to create Domestic Help was that we noticed that a lot of the domestic service agencies did not understand the benefits of hiring English-speaking staff. 

This is a great advantage because apart from their home tasks, they can spend time with childcare and on top of that, talk English with them. 

When children interact in English language from an early age they have more chances of mastering the language into adulthood. 

We know a lot of families that are very happy with the house maids of Philippine origin, because apart from being outstanding professionals, they talk English with their children and these take advantage over their peers. 

In both school and English extracurricular academies, a lot of grammar is taught and practice is often overlooked. 

Our house workers are highly vetted and trained and have all the requisites to work in Spanish homes.