How to deregister a home employee from the Spanish Social Insurance System

In this article we will explain you how to deregister a live-in home employee from the Spanish social insurance system. 

We must informe the Social Insurance System about the sign up, the beginning of the activity, the deregistration and any changes in the data of the home employee, as well as the workers working data.

Applying for the deregistration of a home employee in the Social Insurance through Importass

Access to Import@ss (Social insurance treasury portal)

Through Importass you will be able to notify about the deregistration of the employee in a very simple way. 

To access the platform you just need to access the General Treasury of the Social Insurance System 

Once we make it to the portal, we need to click on  “Altas, bajas y modificaciones”

On the next page, because we want to deregister the employee, we need to go to the  “Bajas y Modificaciones” section and we will see the link   “Baja de empleo de hogar”, where we need to click on the arrow to start with the process. 

If, conversely, you want to sign a house keeper up on the social insurance system, we explain the steps to you on this other article. 

Apply for the deregistration of a house keeper. 

Once you arrive to the house keeper deregistration page, we can start the process by clicking on “Solicitar Baja”

Log in

First, you need to identify yourself. We can do it by SMS, permanent Cl@ve system, Cl@ve pin or Digital Certificate (certificado digital) 

Just for the sake of our example we have accessed through the Cl@ve Pin number but on this link you can learn how to access through different methods, such as Certificado Electrónico, Cl@ve or SMS

If you click on Cl@ve PIN you will need your DNI and expiration date:

Fill in the fields and when you hit you will be able to apply for the Clave PIN, which will be sent to our mobile phone and we will be able to fill in

When you apply for it they will send us a pin number to your phone that you will need to enter on the “PIN” field. The “Codigo” field is autocompleted. 

Once you click on ‘accept’ you are already inside the platform and you will be able to deregister the house keeper. 


Fill in the date and reason for the deregistration of the house keeper. 


On this section we need to fill out the fields with the data that is required in a two step process. 

On the first screen, the first step, it automatically shows the data of the person we hired with their id number and we simply need to fill the form and indicate the date of the deregistration, the reason and the holiday days that are left for the house keeper to enjoy.  

You indicate the date of the cessation of activity

You indicate the reason for the cessation choosing one of the options. 

We specify the vacation holidays that are left as per the contract. 


Once you fill out the fields you press ‘continue’ and you access the second step of the process, here it is shown a summary of the data filled previously and that you need to confirm.


Before finalising, you need to read the affidavit and later indicate that you have read it and you agree with it. 


As follows, you click on ‘sign and confirm’ and you are done. The deregistration will be completed for the date you have chosen previously and you will be able to download the application confirmation. 

Deadline to deregister a house keeper. 

You can complete the deregistration process a maximum of 60 days before the date of the cessation of activity and up to 3 natural days after the cessation you hace specified. 

If for any reason 3 days have passed after the cessation and you still hace not completed the deregistration, you have up to 30 to apply for it, but the date of cessation will be the same as the date of application. 

If you have not applied for the deregistration after those 30 days, you will not be able to process the deregistration through Import@ss  and you will only be able to  apply for it through the solicitud de atención.