Basic techniques to help an elderly person to get up.

Almost everybody has found himself or herself in the situation where they needed to help their elderly get up. 

But, did you know how to correctly help an elderly person get up so that they do not get hurt and yourself don’t get hurt?

We all become weaker with the years. Our bones and muscles lose strength, we suffer a loss of reflexes and we have gradually less mobility. 

These reasons make our chances to collapse grow larger. In fact, collapses are one of the most frequent accidents for the elderly. 

Apart from the collapse itself, if you don’t know how to help them get up correctly, you can make things worse causing serious harm if you don’t manhandle correctly. 

On the other hand, yourself can suffer back ache or a more serious harm on your lower back or spinal cord if you do not perform the maneuver correctly. 

For this reason, it is important to know the right techniques to get someone up from the floor or bed. 


What to do when an elderly person collapses. 

The most importante and primordial thing to do in the face of an elderly person collapsing is to keep calm before performing any other action. 

Checking the condition of the person

The first thing you need to do is to check the condition and estate of he person. 

You need to check if they are conscious or there is loss of consciousness, if they are bleeding or there is any hemorrhage, if they have broken any bone. 

If the collapse has been hard and we consider a serious accident, the first thing we need to do is call the emergencies

In this case, you must not move the person before talking with the emergency service. 

Conversely, if the collapse has not been that serious, we need to remove any nearby object that could cause harm, and before we try to get them up, try to keep them calm 

Once the elderly person is relaxed, you will help her get up, always with the utmost care and paying close attention to their posture to avoid any harm, without pulling any arms nor handling their head or neck. 


How to get an elderly person up from the floor

When we hace this situation, we must know how to adjust the support level as per the needs and physical condition of the elderly person.

If the elderly person can move and does not present any wound, we can help them get up respecting the pace the person moves at, and guiding her until they get up. 

We must never carry the full weight of the person. 

Basic techniques


To perform this action it is necessary to know some basic techniques to get the person up. 

1. Help the elderly person to sit on the floor. To do this we will kneel behind them and put our arms behind their armpits helping them flex the torso and lift smoothly until they are sat on the floor. 

2. With our releasing their back, we flex the person’s knees until the soles of both of their feet are on the floor. 

3. We take their hands with out hands and turn their torso to one side until the palms of the person are completely in contact with the floor. 

4. We release our hands from theirs and with one hand, we push their waist upwards until the person is on all fours. With the other hand we hold their chest to prevent them from falling and keep in the same posture. 

5. Once the person is on all fours, we bring a chair, a table or something of a similar height in front of the person and another by his side. 

6. We help them put their forearms firmly on the front chair. 

7. After this we help them flex the knee which is closer to the side chair, and in this position, the person will push upwards lifting the other leg while we help them stretch their waist upwards. 

8. Once both of their legs are stretched, we help them sit on the chair we put by their side. If we don’t have a chair or similar where they can sit, we will need to use our force to get them up. To do so:

– We will position ourselves behind the person and will help them sit with flexed legs as we said in steps 1 and 2 of the previous section. 

– We place our arms underneath their armpits and flex our knees until leaving our feet touching the floor. 

– We raise the person without bending our back. 

How to help an elderly person get up from bed

Many times the elderly person we have around us are not able to move by themselves due to their lack of mobility. 

In these cases they need help of a live in house keeper who will assist them on they daily tasks and to make their lives easier. 

To get an elderly person up from bed you need these simple steps:


  1. First of all we ask them to position themselves facing upwards
  2. We put an arm underneath their back and another arm underneath their legs and we ask them to grab us. 
  3. We help them turn towards the edge of the bed so their legs hang while we move their torso towards the edge. 
  4. We take their legs down towards the floor.
  5. Once on this position, we help them sit on the bed taking their back with one hand and their waist with the other hand. 
  6. On sat on the floor, we help them stand up or sit on the wheelchair putting our arms underneath their armpits and lifting them upwards. 

After they have stood up from the collapse

Before the elderly person continues with their activity after collapsing, is better they are sat for a while to ensure they feel ok. 

It is important they are well hydrated and a doctor assesses if the cause of the collapse has been because they passed out. 

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