Why to choose a house keeper to take care of the elderly


There are a lot of families that have an elderly person who needs care and support but his or her family members cannot really take care of it because they don’t have time. That is why they need to hire somebody to take care of that elderly person. 

One of the biggest worries that arises is how to solve that problem for them and for us. 

There are many ways to take care of dependants in those situation, and the best alternative to care homes is doubtlessly to hire a live in house keeper to take care of the elderly. 

Care homes


If the degree of dependence of the elderly person in question is high due to dementia or other illness, the person needs specialised and constant care and the family can face a very large expense every month, care homes are a very good option. 

Care homes usually are equipped with the large variety of qualified medical professionals who work in shifts, covering 24 hours a day, they have interdisciplinary teams who evaluate constantly the elderly people and are adapted to take care of the residents at all levels of dependence and illnesses the residents may have. 

They also have large spaces, and halls which are prepared for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, they tend to carry out clubs and activities to stimulate the minds with the purpose of controlling and even reverting demential. They have huge dining halls and hace daily menus to feed the dependants. 


On the other hand, checking an elderly person into a care home means breaking with their whole daily life and their customs, eliminating all the independence they had at home. Having to go through the adaptation and the transition period before they feel comfortable, always thinking they will eventually feel at home, makes a lot of people not feel fully ready to face that situation. 

For that reason, for certain elderly people who are not fully aware of their acts, even if they hace a strong physical dependence and they start living at a care home, a decrease of self confidence, self-esteem takes place, and they feel like a burden for the entire family. This in turn can turn into depression and cause serious health problems. 

Prices are also a big handicap. The monthly price depends on the type of care home, the location, the services offered, and whether it receives grants or not. In Spain, the average cost of a care home is between 1.800 and 2.000 per guest, a sum who not every family can comfortably face. 

Advantages of hiring a house keeper compared to a care home

The loss of capabilities such as memory, language, vision, hearing and other capabilities such as judgement, mobility or the ability to take decisions makes the help and support a necessary option for taking care of the elderly people. 

For this reason, hiring a live in house keeper or an external house keeper with experience and specialised in the care of elderly people is a very good option to guarantee the welfer of the person and ensure they are well taken care of during the hours or days that we are not able to do so. 

Either if we choose to hire an external person who takes care of the elderly person at some hours of the day or if we hire a live in house keeper, the advantages are noticeable. 


The main advantages of hiring someone are the following:

  • Custom care and support. The elderly people will have a personalised care which guarantees all their needs are covered and will provide them with a better quality of life. 
  • Food and medical supervision: The housekeeper will take care of supervising and controlling all the medicines and to prepare the food according with all the doctors’ recommendations. 
  • Grow older at their home. One of the most important advantages is that the elderly gets the chance of growing older in their own home. Keeping the daily environment is very positive for any elderly person and it allows them to decide how they want to enjoy these period of their life. 
  • They get to keep the contact with their friends and neighbours and this in turn provides them with a better quality of life. 
  • Better family vibe: Combining daily work with taking care of the elderly dependent person is a gruelling task and it generates stress with all the members of the family. Having a house keeper allows you to keep your lifestyle while they are taken care of. On the other hand, the fact that the family members don’t need to be worrying about schedules and number of people who can visit them makes the task of visiting them ways easier. 
  • Economic advantages: Apart from being a better option for the elderly person, keeping developing their life on their home and environment is also a cheaper option than care homes, although they exist many factors that determine the price. 

Factors that determine the salary of a housekeeper

There are many factors involved in determining the price of a housekeeper. Among the most importante one may consider are:

Types of tasks

The main tasks of a housekeeper include the necessary activities of the elderly, such spending time with the elderly person, personal hygiene, baths, supervision and control of the medication prescribed by the doctor, walks, treatment and wound care, etc. 

Apart from these, there are some situations that require a more specific specialization from the staff. These can be conditions such as Alzheimers or Parkinsons, which influence in the salary of the care professional. 


The live in house keeper earns more than a per-hour house keeper. 


The place of residence, the city, the accesses and the transportation means nearby influence considerably in the salaries. In cities such as Madrid or Barcelona the salaries are higher than in smaller towns due to the demand of those services and the living expenses.

How much does a housekeeper ear to take care of elderly people?

A care professional will earn, at least, the minimum salary when they work full time (40 hours a week) and the prorated share if they work less hours. 

The minimum salary in 2022 is 32,16 euros a day or 965 euros a month in 14 payments or 1.125,83 euros in 12 payments. 

On this link you can see how all the workers payments are calculated

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