empleadas de hogar internas
Live in maids of Philippine origin are one of the most sought-for house staff profiles. 
They are known to have a very positive and service-oriented attitude, as well as high values, such as discretion, responsibility and honesty. 
Due to their cultural values, they offer great delivery and dedication to their work. 
They will help you conduct all your day to day house keeping tasks so you don’t need to worry about them. 
Moreover, they are the perfect solution for families with small children: lunch preparation, taking them to school, bathing them or playing with them. 

Types of service

Live in

The live in the property.

Extended Full Time

House maids work a maximum of 12 hours a day but they don't live in the property.

Half Time

They usually work 4, 5 or 6 hours a day and they don't live in the property.

Full Time

They work full time, working 8 hours a day from monday to friday and they do not live in the property.

Weekends and Nights

They can work both weekend days, just one weekend day, or just for some hours during the weekend, as well as one off nights.

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    Tasks of a House Maid

    A house maid will help you in all your daily house-keeping duties. This way you will free yourself up of alot of time to enjoy your quality time with your family, your career and hobbies. Many of our clients told us they experienced a great change in their lives after hiring a housemaid. 

    Some of these tasks are:

    • Go do the weekly or monthly shopping
    • Cooking
    • Preparing meals and packed lunch
    • Clean and polish furniture
    • Clean and polish floors and counters
    • Cleaning the kitchen after using it. This is importante because the grease build up is prevented. 
    • Clean the living room and dining rooms after lunch or dinner with guests. 
    • Make the bed and changing bedsheets. 
    •  Doing the laundry
    • Cleaning and polishing mirrors and windows. 
    • Vacuum clean floors. 
    • Ironing. These is particularly useful as it is time consuming. 
    • Cleaning the toilet daily. 
    • Cleaning the curtains and binders. 
    • Cleaning the ceilings and lights so that they don’t accumulate dust and spiderwebs. 
    • Buying cleaning products. 
    • Buying any light bulbs or electrical devices needed for everyday use. 
    • Daily childcare. This includes preparing lunch, helping them get dressed, doctor appointments and taking medicines. 
    • Write down shopping expenses. 
    • Pet care
    empleadas de hogar internas

    House maid working condtions

    We help you with all the paperwork and offer assistance so that both parts are satisfied and the conditions for both of you are fair. 


    • Registering the employee in the Spanish social insurance. The employer is responsible for this. 
    • 40 hour work week. If extra hours are needed, these must be consensual between both parties and need to be payed according to legal requirements. This depends on the agreed salary between both parties. 
    • The maximum number of extra hours that can be worked by the housemaid in a year. These are less than 2 a week. 
    • Minimum rest days are 2 days a week for 12 hours. These can be reduced to 10 as long as both parties agree. 
    • There must be a minimum of 36 hours rest a week. These can be for instance from 10h on Saturday to 20h on Sunday or from 12h on Friday to 22h on Saturday. 
    • Vacations are 2,5 natural days for each month worked. These are 20 days a year plus 2 local festivities and 12 national festivities. 
    • The live in housemaid will have her own bedroom.
    empleadas de hogar internas

    Housemaid salary in Spain

    Usually the pay for housemaids depends on several factors:

    • Size of the house
    • Distance to urban centre
    • Free days
    • Number of family members. 
    The minimum salary for a house worker in Spain is 14,000 euros a year.
    The usually get it in 14 pays. That is 12 pays of 1025,85 euros and 2 pays of 512.93 euros.